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British Showjumping

For glamour and excitement, nothing beats Showjumping. Add the backdrop of a beautiful stately home, set in fine parkland on the banks of the River Tyne, and the scene is set.

With the success of the Show Jumping over the last 5 years the committee have increased the area that the show jumping will be held on and will open the classes up to more competitors across the North of England holding again its successful National 1.30 open class which should keep the crowd on the endge of their seats.

Paul Chester section organiser, said, “I am delighted that Northumberland County Show is so popular on the British Showjumping show calendar. One of our core aims has been to bring our sport back into the centre of thriving communities providing great shows for our riders.”

Day tickets will be available at the show for those exhibitors who want to participate but are not members of the BSJA. There are classes for Senior British Novice, Discovery, National Amateur, Senior Newcomer and Foxhunter.

We are delighted to announce our judges for 2018 -  Linda Watson, Stephen Pitt & Leigh-Ann Reed and course builder Tracy Strangeways.

The British Showjumping Schedule can be viewed by clicking here.

Heavy Horse Section - we will have a fantastic display of Heavy Horses this year, including the Ridden Heavy Horse class and the spectacular Heavy Horse Turnouts in the main arena so make sure you come and see these beautiful animals whilst at the show.

We are affiliated to BSPS, NPS, CHAPS, Side Saddle Association, ROR and ‘The Showing Register’.

You will also find the FAQ and Northumberland County Show General Regulations on this page.

Equine Judges 2018

Supreme Light Horse Champion - Mrs R.B Charlton, Northumberland

Agricultural Heavy Horses – Mr J Anderson, Angus
Heavy Horse Turnout - Mr J Anderson, Angus
Hunters (Breeding) – Mr J Newborough, Lincolnshire
Hunters (Ridden) – Ride - Changed in April - Now Miss A Greenwood, Dumfriesshire 
Hunters (Ridden) – Conf - Mrs MC Nimmo, West Lothian
Working Hunters – Conf - Mr J Newborough, Lincolnshire
Working Hunters – Ride - Miss G Chalmers - Gray, Perthshire
Retraining of Racehorses – Conf - Miss J Furness, Berwickshire
Retraining of Racehorses – Ride - Mr W Burnell, North Yorkshire
Side Saddle – Ms K Henderson, Northumberland
Working Hunter Pony – Lady Benton Jones, Lincolnshire (Open Jump / Mini & Novice Conf)
Working Hunter Pony – Miss F Reed, Fife (Open Conf / Mini & Novice Jump)
NPS Novice Mountain & Moorland WHP – Conf - Changed in March - Now Mrs C Fletcher, Monmouthshire
NPS Novice Mountain & Moorland WHP – Jump - Mr R Parker-Jones, Shropshire
BSPS & NPS Open Mountain & Moorland WHP - Conf - Mr R Parker-Jones, Shropshire
BSPS & NPS Open Mountain & Moorland WHP - Jump -  Changed in March - Now Mrs C Fletcher, Monmouthshire
Open Show Hunter Pony – Mrs D Christie, Leicestershire
NPS Mountain & Moorland Novice Ridden – Mrs J Barry, Ross-shire
BSPS & NPS Mountain & Moorland Open Ridden – Changed 3rd May now Mrs MC Nimmo, West Lothian
BSPS & NPS Classics M&M Mini Ridden - Changed 3rd May now Mr R Parker-Jones, Shropshire
NPS/ Highbrook Stud M&M In Hand - Mrs J Barry, Ross-shire
BSPS Show Pony Classes - Mrs D Christie, Leicestershire
CHAPS – Conf & Inhand - Ms N Pargeter, North Yorkshire
CHAPS – Ride - Mrs V Tennent, Ayrshire
Show Cobs – Mrs V Tennent, Ayrshire
Course Builders – Paul and Sarah-Ann Baxter

Equine Entries 2018 - numbers of entries in each class

E15 4   E38 4   E61 13
E16 5   E39 8   E62 8
E17 2   E40 13   E63 8
E18 10   E41 9   E64 7
E19 16   E42 3   E65 3
E20 10   E43 5   E66 10
E21 7   E44 7   E67 17
E22 21   E45 7   E68 1
E23 17   E46 9   E69 3
E24 10   E47 0   E70 2
E25 14   E48 2   E71 4
E26 10   E49 4   E72 4
E27 8   E50 3   E73 4
E28 6   E51 4   E74 6
E29 3   E52 2   E75 9
E30 3   E53 4   E76 18
E31 6   E54 14   E77 5
E32 4   E55 10   E78 5
E33 14   E56 10   E79 17
E34 2   E57 1   E80 4
E35 7   E58 4   E81 13
E36 3   E59 8   E82 7
E37 2   E60 3      



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