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YoungsRPS Sheep section is a very popular section.

We have Non MV classes for Blackface, Swaledale, Native Breed and British Rare Breed.

Our MV Accredited classes are for Suffolk, Texel, Continental and Zwartbles.

Sheep Judges 2018

Blackface Non MV – Mr George Walton, Allensgreen, Bardon Mill

Swaledale Non MV – Mr Reg Pierson, Friars House, Goathland, Whitby

Native Sheep Non MV – Mr W Flintoff, 102 Swithenbank Avenue, Ossett, West Yorkshire

British Rare Breeds Non MV – Mrs Tess Wigham, Riggshield Farm, Irthington, Carlisle

MV Accredited Texel – Mr Richard Thornton, Cornhills, Kirkwhelpington

MV Accredited Continental –Mr Andrew Walton, Preston Mains, Alnwick

MV Accredited Zwartbles – Mr Colin Milburn, West Farm, West Knapton, Malton

MV Accredited Suffolk – Mr Scott Brown, Woodhead Farm, Gorbridge

Interbreed – Mr Billy Nicholson, Allolea Farm, Greenhead

Best Wooled Sheep - Mr Billy Nicholson, Allolea Farm, Greenhead

Sheep Young Handler - Mr Billy Nicholson, Allolea Farm, Greenhead

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